About us

“Connect people and nature as one”

Djibouti Nature is a committed, visionary and pioneer nature protection organization in Djibouti that focuses to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.


Association Djibouti Nature aims to contribute to the conservation of nature as a whole. It does this through working with communities, and by supporting and promoting sustainable development, environmental education and awareness programs.


Association Djibouti Nature wants Djibouti to be a country where people and nature live in harmony. The population will be engaged in nature conservation with ADN. Important sites for nature will be recovering, increasing in size and conserved for ever.  The numbers and ranges of species will be maintained and increased, and people will have sustainable livelihoods.

Internal vision

Association Djibouti Nature will be a strong, growing, well -funded, organization that is respected as a voice for nature throughout Africa and for its sound science, environmental education, conservation achievements, loyal members, effective partnerships, community involvement and strong governance.


Association Djibouti Nature has adopted 5 Values to guide its work:

  • Transparent about all its work
  • Participative in working with others
  • Respect for those it works with
  • Partnership working achieves more
  • Commitment and availability of Board and supporters.