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Note :  In this page, the reader will access different articles published on newspapers and website in different languages (mainly in English and French). Please be advised that we did not translate those documents in order to preserve their authenticity. Those who can not read those languages, can use Google Translate to get an idea of the content of these pages.

Djibouti nature is very committed to it’s mandate, it’s mission and vision. We are engaged and active in the field, engaged and active with public decision makers, engaged and active wit the scientific community, engaged and active with local communities, engaged and active with the international community. With all we share ideas, projects and concrete actions. Among other things we have…

  • Organized a workshop to initiate the process of developing a National Raptor Conservation and Management Strategy for Djibouti.
  • Continued to organize public conservation awareness through eco-talks, conferences and production and dissemination of elementary environmental education materials and launched the first Djibouti elementary environmental education booklet (Environmental Education at the Horn of Africa). 190 elementary schools’ teachers attended, 5000 booklets and 300 DVDs donated.
  • Set up a Site Support Group (SSGs) at “Forêt du Day’s IBAs”, the stronghold of the Critically Endangered Djibouti Francolin.
  • Trained local community volunteers to work on the IBA Programme at “Forêt du Day’s IBAs”.
  • Spring migratory soaring raptor counts focusing on Egyptian vultures have been completed and report disseminated. Survey revealed that urgent conservation works are needed to understand threats.
  • Hosted the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network 3rd Annual meeting in Djibouti.

This contains links to our reports. Those documents are .PDF format downloadable and printable with ease. Last but not least more reports will be added to this short list as soon as the become available.

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