The Association Djibouti NatureDjibouti Nature is an independent, non-for-profit and apolitical grassroots organization created and established in Djibouti in December 1999. It is still rather “small” but it is the oldest and most experienced organization working on nature conservation among civil society organizations legally established in the country. As such and as indicated in its slogan “Connect People and Nature as One”, Djibouti Nature has spared no effort to contribute the national efforts to safeguard nature through scientific research programs aimed at studying biological diversity in order to improve the baseline knowledge of the country’s natural inheritance.

It has an important history of nature conservation mainly from birds’ species and natural habitats perspective. Besides, it has been working tirelessly with local communities, private sectors and government bodies for many years to raise awareness for both Djibouti’s extraordinary wildlife and precious habitats protection for the benefit of present and future generations.

Additionally, and to build the bridge connecting people and nature together, Djibouti Nature raises funds for local sustainable development projects to help improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable communities in the hinterland where the most important ecosystems remain intact and support the daily life of a significant fringe of the Djiboutian population who still practice a traditional nomadic lifestyle.

It is governed by a supreme decision-making body “Board of Directors” elected every five years whose members oversee the organization’s programs and projects on a voluntary basis (An audit is carried out each year on Djibouti Nature’s activities by an approved independent audit firm operating in Djibouti.

Nature calls.
Please help us !

The Power of ONE: The most amazing thing in nature is the power of each living thing to form a whole. Every living organism plays AN important role in the balance of nature, even the smallest creatures invisible to the naked eye.
We can therefore all contribute to saving NATURE. Nature is the mother of life and mother nature needs your support.
Add your voice NOW to the voice the Association Djibouti Nature to become a member as an actor in the protection and safeguarding of nature by disseminating the vision and mission of the organization.
If we unite and coordinate our efforts, our actions, we can make a big difference in the sustainability of nature which is the life of current and future generations.
Membership contributions to the association are annual and can be easily paid using the aid and donation form. Please click the button on the right.

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