The nature

The power of one, perhaps the most surprising aspect of nature is the power of one. Each living species has a key role in nature. As such, each of us can help save our mother nature.

Accordingly, the Association Djibouti Nature standpoint is that effective nature conservation can only be achieved through sound connection between people and nature.

The Djibouti Nature Association has built since its inception in 1999 an important history and reputation in terms of field studies and scientific research to improve knowledge of birds of the country in particular and voluntarily serves as the leading authority on the avifauna of Djibouti. In this capacity, it has contributed significantly to the knowledge of the critically endangered Djibouti francolin, the only endemic bird species known to date in the country, as well as the many key ecosystem sites commonly referred to as areas important birds and biodiversity areas known for its importance in hosting remarkable species of fauna and flora.

Djibouti Nature also remains an active and committed civil society organization that works tirelessly building the bridge connecting people and nature as one. Thus, it raises funds for local sustainable development projects aimed at helping to improve the living conditions of poor and vulnerable communities in the hinterland where the most important ecosystems remain intact and to support the daily life of a significant segment of the Djiboutian population who still practice a traditional nomadic lifestyle.

Add your voice and take immediate action to protect nature and improve people’s livelihoods by sharing the vision and mission of the Djibouti Nature Association by becoming a member or philanthropist donor. By uniting and harmonizing our efforts and actions, we can make a big difference.

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